Rustic Log Lamp

If your style is mixing old and new together, these table lamps might be your thing. Salvaged from old firewood being thrown out and left at a curbside, I saw beauty in the old wood that was on the outside. Once the old was carved away showing the bright insides, I knew that these would become a beautiful display of old and new!

The wooden base stands approximately 11"-14" tall and has a 5"-6" circumference. The turned portion of the lamp has been given a coat of boiled linseed oil with 5-6 layers of polyurethane finish. The weathered portion is untouched, showing the natural patina.

The light socket and adjustable shade harp are made with polished nickel that gives a modern, contemporary look that juxtaposes the rough, rustic wood. The electric cable is made with a high-quality woven, twisted-pair cable and topped off with a highly durable two-prong plug-in. The base of the lamp has three rubber grommets to keep the lamp in place and to prevent scratched surfaces.

NOTE: Lamp shade does not come with the lamp. However, my suggestion would be a white rectangular shade to give yet another great contrast between old/new, contemporary/rustic.


  • H: 11”-14” - wood base; 21”-24” - w/ lamp harp

  • D: approx. 6”